February 10, 2013

MUSTANG 2013 - K.S.R. College of Engineering - Automobile Engineering - 2nd March

National Level Technical Symposium
K.S.R. College of Engineering
Organized By
Department Of Automobile Engineering
MUSTANG is the National level technical symposium of the Automobile engineering department of K.S.R College of Engineering, Tiruchengode.From its institution as a technical extravaganza its surpassed expectations and set higher standards. With 10 events in the fray and exciting cash prizes to be taken away it could just be the right place for you to stamp your authority on what you are best at. We are committed to making our symposium an experience of a life time for you. The dice have just been rolled so gear up for an event which can redefine the way you live.


  1. Clay Modeling
  2. Quiz
  3. Bottle Rocketry
  4. CADD Modeling
  5. Glider
  6. Paper Presentation (Any topic related to automobiles)
  7. R .C Race
  9. Photography
Last date for paper submission is 20th February 2013.
If your paper is selected you will be intimated through your mail. 

For more details, visit http://mustang.org.in

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